The neighbor

This tale grew out of an encounter: the images realized by a photographer, in his neighbor’s house, met the imagination of a writer who, without knowing that neighbor, tried to imagine his story.


Text: Vittorio Ferorelli

Pictures: Marco Pizzoli

Translation: Jessica Sciubba


Literary Prize “Navile - Città di Bologna” illustrated fiction 2010


Vittorio Ferorelli, journalist and writer, born in 1971, he is editor-in-chief of “IBC”, the review of the Institute for the Cultural Heritage of the Region Emilia-Romagna. He edited, together with others, the volumes:

Federico Fellini autore di testi;

La coda della gatta. Scritti di Ettore Guatelli;

Ma questa è un’altra storia. Voci, vicende e territori della cultura in Emilia-Romagna (1978-2008);

Una parola dopo l’altra. Interviste e conversazioni sulle pagine di “IBC”.


Graphic and photographer, born in 1960, Marco Pizzoli designed for the advertising and publishing sectors, and for the mounting of exhibition areas.

He has been developing, since the early Two thousands, a research on the digital photography within the visual arts.


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