At the side of the road

Travel book along the Highway 9 - Via Emilia

Determined to explore places which seem to be doomed not to astonish anymore, a writer and a photographer go forth along the road path of the Highway 9, the historic transit road which runs through the Padan Plain, in the North-East of Italy. A track which persists in remaining alive, despite beltways and ring roads.

From Piacenza to Rimini, eluding any speed limit obligation, they stop to look at what can still be seen at the sides of the road. To listen, between the background noises, the stories it keeps on telling. Saving sometimes on paper, on file or on film, the images which the old time travelers would have preserved within a notepad.

Feeling at home away from home. Suddenly getting lost, though going straight. Changing direction at each crossroad. Going back and forth at will. Contradictions allowed. Just like in a tale. Because, after all, this is the description of a place.

Written by Vittorio Ferorelli

Photographed by Matteo Sauli

Translated by Jessica Sciubba

Published by Walking the line

Bologna, Italy - 2012

Italian edition:

Al bordo della strada.

Diario di viaggio

sulla Statale 9 - Via Emilia

Bononia University Press

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At the side of the
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